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Professional Voice Care

Your voice is a representation of who you are to the world around you. It is as unique to each person as a fingerprint, providing a clue to the listener of your identity in the absence of visual contact. It allows you to communicate thoughts, needs, and emotions. It can be used for artistic impression or for intellectual argument. It allows you to communicate with others on many levels.

At the University Voice Center, we are committed to restoring your voice so that you can function to your full capacity. There are many reasons why a voice may be misbehaving, and many of these conditions are treatable. We have the latest, most sophisticated equipment for diagnosing laryngeal problems that are not detectable by conventional techniques.  If you are having a problem with your voice, even if you have been to another doctor, you deserve our professional attention.

Voice Problems

The voice is not as loud as a trumpet, does not have the range of a piano, and cannot achieve the staccato notes of a violin, but nothing can surpass the ability of the voice for soulful expression of the human experience. Whether you are a coloratura soprano or a rock star, an attorney or a minister, a teacher or a student, an auctioneer or a buyer, your voice is essential to your profession. The University Voice Center can help you protect your investment and your future, whatever your vocation.

Most singers seek professional voice help for voice changes, vocal fatigue, anxiety, throat tension, and pain. All these symptoms must be quickly addressed to restore the voice and provide physical and emotional relief. University Voice Center has experience in treating singers and other professional voice users and can assess these symptoms, restore the voice, and provide relief through effective voice therapy.

Making an Appointment

When you become aware of any negative change in your voice (pitch, quality, endurance, etc.), call the University Voice Center at (941) 355-2767. Our staff will talk with you about your voice symptoms, schedule an appointment. They will also discuss the fee schedule and your insurance information to verify coverage before you come in and will mail the necessary forms to be completed before the time of your appointment.

Whether you are professional announcer, vocalist, or lay person, your voice is a representation of who you are to the world around you and it deserves the best care possible.